Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Test answers

1) How many piercings do I have? 8 - 3 per ear, one tongue, one nose

2) Where was I born? Georgia. Ick.

3) How many tattoos do I have? 7 - two back, two per leg, 1 on my right arm (it is sad that I had to count?)

4) What is my middle name? Jennifer

5) Where do I want to move? Bellingham

6) How many states have I lived in? 3 - Georgia, Colorado, Washington

7) How many pets have I had? 6 - One cat, Kasha, was there when I was born. One cat, Butterscotch, while I was growing up. Two dogs, Taboo & Little Bit, the ones I have now. Two cats, Chester & Cleo, obviously now. Well, and an adopt-a-bird when my brother goes away to places, but Niko is a rental for me, so he doesn't count. ;)

8) Who is my favorite author? Laurell K Hamilton, but I love all the ones I listed.

9) What kind of car do I have? My CR-V! That I barely drive. Meh.

10) What is my sign? Leo. Roar.

Work has been SO busy. Its nice because that makes extra $$, but this Wii is addicting. ;)

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