Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Presents! n stuff

Damn. I should have posted after we opened our presents last week. I never remember what I got. I got a fuzzy purple chair... a passport holder thingy... my brother got me Pooh/Tigger/Piglet/Eeyore pillows (big ones)... I got a penguin stuffed animal... um. There was more. Seriously. I suck.

I have not opened my stuff from Jamie/Bunny/SS (weirdo. hee.)...

It snowed today. Not badly, but shit. You should see the streets. Snow is NOT something we need.

My friend, who I housesit/dogsit for, called and I offered to watch her house/dog since the dog is sick. So, after being gone for 5 days, I am back for a day and a half, and I am gone for 5 days again. Then, I am back for 3, and I go housesit another house. My cats are going to hurt me.

I am going to a wedding Thursday. Long story on the date, but its my brother's friend's wedding. I am helping with pictures (apparently). Oh well, it should be fun. I love going to weddings where I know very very few people and I have no date. No. Really. It is also my parent's anniversary actually.

New Years is going to... well, I can't decide if it will suck because I have no plans, or if I am fucking THRILLED that I have no plans. Meh.

Oooh. I got myself a FCUK shirt in Santa Monica because everything was 30% off. It's cool, the letters look like symbols. I also went to GAP and got (RED) converse from the Project (RED) campaign. I feel better than proceeds go to Aids. My brother got a BADASS motorcycle jacket from the (RED) campaign. If you have seen the ad with Stephen Speilberg, he is wearing it. Anyhow it was $350. I had to buy it because it isn't in the stores here or in New York when we looked. He is SO paying me back.

I am so sleepy. I am a wuss. Fuck... I don't really have anything happening tomorrow besides going to my friend's house. I really hope her dog is feeling better... I am not much on cleaning up messes.

HEH! So, I laid down, and my shirt rode up on my arm, and my mom asked if that was the new tattoo she hadn't seen yet. I said yes, but no. I got this one this week, the one you hadn't seen is on my right arm, and is about 2 months old. She just rolled her eyes. The new one is so pretty.

Um... I think I am going to lay down since my keyboard is starting to look comfy.

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