Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Updates if anyone cares

Let's see... the healing gel crap (Aquafor... or something) is the best thing ever. My tattoo fully healed in 7 days. Who knew? Actually, I did... this is the third tattoo I have gotten using this stuff but I am always amazed.

Made a nice check last month. Putting it towards my trip at this point. We are only going to be away for 5 weeks, but I think that will be enough. Got our tickets to London. We go through JFK. Now I just have to get tickets from London to Cape Town... anyways, we are deciding which countries to still go to. Most likely all in Europe since travel is cheap there. We are most likely going to just take a cruise. Food, Transportation, and a place to stay all wrapped into one.

Supposed to snow again. It is supposed to dump a couple inches Friday, Sat, and then Sunday. They are thinking 8 all together, but only 2-3 day. We'll see. Friday's high is going to be 19. I am glad I am not going anywhere. Actually, starting Friday, there are 5 days of highs below 28 degrees. Whatever. Chester has been sleeping on my legs and he is way warm, so I'm good. I actually have two fans still running in my room. Heh.

Haven't really wanted to do anything with anyone. One friend works all the time and parties when she doesn't (not all the time, but more than me). I've seen Chris once in... um... weeks I guess. He bought me a Phantom of the Opera music box, which was nice. I felt bad that I didn't get him anything until I remembered that I am giving him my old tv and stand from my room. The stand alone was about $250 when I bought it.

Been playing the Wii. Yeah yeah, I am pathetic. At least I am having fun, right? I have been playing Barnyard. You play a cow. Why are Disney stories always sad? There is this part of the game... fuck it. Probably won't be funny typing it.

FINALLY got my mail out. I was beginning to think that was never going to happen. Sheesh. Darla (Laurell's assistant) is on the lookout for my present. Woo! Jamie, a box is on its way to you. Everyone else... I suck. I just have been in a shitty I don't care mood. Thank you to everyone who sent cards! I appreciate them. They all made me smile. TO bound Nerds, I'll have to think of something wicked to get you guys and make you all open it there. >:o)

I am tired, but I am not. Over by where I hurt my shoulder, more inward toward the chest though, is sore. I don't know why, and I don't like it. I guess I will keep an eye on it. I have been using my arm a bunch with playing the games, but fuck. This is shitty.

Okay. That's it. I'm boring.

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