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Does anyone read Laurell's blog? Someone asked her about Jean-Claude. She told us that when he was alive, he was married and his wife and child died during labor. It was neat getting more background information about the character. He, Asher, and Julianna were the closest thing he ever had to a domesticated relationship.

Someone also asked about Anita and where she spends her time when she isn't being written about (hehe) and she said that Anita spends half her time at her house and half her time at Jean-Claude's.

I like that she gives us information in her blogs. I also like that she finally said something against all the asshats that bash her and say negative stuff. 136 days 9h 50ish minutes until June 5th when the next Anita book comes out. The bestest part? My flight is the 8th. I will have something to read!

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