Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Wanna hear something?

It's snowing! Heh. Couldn't help it. I am just glad I didnt have to go anywhere today. My little brother bought a bad ass older Jeep so that he would have something to ride in the snow without getting stuck. Well, that and to drive just for the hell of it.

Who knows how much we have gotten. It all kind of runs together at this point. We gauge it on how much is on the driveway, since that is what my parents keep up with clearing. All I know is that my window well is starting to pile up.

My sleep has been so f-ed up lately. Usually at night time, or evening even, I am okay and not tired. Then it just HITS. When I sleep, if I have to get up to feed the cats or use the restroom, or sometimes just because I think I should, I sit there and my eyes are so heavy that I'm like, screw it. I got up about an hour and a half ago, ate dinner, did a little work, and I can barely sit up because I am so freaking tired. Now, I have to decide if I am going to push through this feelings and hope it goes away, or if I can going to give in and sleep a bit more.

Wow. I just re-read all of that. I am very boring.

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