Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


Snowed a little today. Supposed to get the second wave tomorrow. It's freaking cold out there though. I have a small door in my bedroom that has the water filter thingy and there is a hole for the cable in that room. My dad opened the door and I was like damn. If I am ever warm, I so know where to go...

My mom went to the doctor, and the quack she saw told her all this crap about anemia and diabetes. My mother was sick with a virus, this lady asked her no questions, she just gave her drugs. Unless they are pain pills, I had doctors like that. (Kidding) Anyways, I had gotten her the South Beach Diet book a while ago, and she just read it tonight. I guess she is going to do it, which means I'll eat whatever she does. Not that I am upset, I need to lose weight desperately, I just hate quacky doctors.

I am so sore from falling. I slept in a left wrist brace last night too... but it still hurts. Never a dull moment.

Tiff, I got the 10 free day thing, but for some reason it wouldn't connect to download. I'll try to figure it out more tomorrow.

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