Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose


Sort of. I am finally reading over a page of flist posts. Dunno, just didnt read them yesterday. Dealing with the German messages makes my head spin a bit.

So, Chester was in his cat bed, and as he does, he was chasing his Norman. Now, today he did something completely new... today, when he couldn't pin it (because every time he did, he would move and so would it) he hissed. At his tail. I laughed pretty damn hard.

We have a chance of snow (something like 20%) over the next few days. Who knows... usually when they say blizzard we get nothing, and when they say 20% we get blizzard. *shrug*

So I am looking for flights to Cape Town from London. The actual "economy" price is pricey, but not *THAT* bad considering how long the flight is. I just don't know if my back can take that long of a flight sitting in a regular chair on an airplane. So, I have been checking the business class ticket prices for the flights. Holy expensive batman. I'm going to keep looking... whatever.

It is sort of weird. My... ex or whatever the hell he is, that I lived with in WA and then he got married to a co-worker of ours, blah blah blah... well, we have been talking. He apologized, and I realized that hating someone takes too much effort. So, it is funny... he hasnt changed at all. We joke around just like we always did. I guess it is good to have him as a friend.

6 AM... so sleepy now. Backwards days, which I dont care about, but I seem to get tired RIGHT BEFORE my mom would get up to make breakfast. So then I push myself to stay awake until she comes down, because sleeping for 30 mins would be stupid. Then I can't stop yawning.

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