Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Greetings from Amsterdam

Hello from Amsterdam. All is well here. This is the week of chilling, smoking, and forgetting. Hee. I don't get hungry when high. I don't really do anything. I had brain fuzz, but that was it. Ate Shrooms and had no real reaction. Ah well, no worries. Figured I would try shit while I was here. Legal and all. Never had the urge in the States really.

Cruise starts Saturday!!!! Looking forward to the pampering. Days on the water with nothing to do. Not that I am swamped or anything. Just laying in the room looking out on the water. Sweet.

Went to Robben Island when in Africa. Was cool. Lead around by an ex-Political Prisoner. Sweet. Cape Town really was cool. Pretty too. Would love to go back someday.

Really sad I am missing Toronto still. Its all good because I know I will have fun here, but still. I miss my cats hardcore. Like the other night I was totally PMSing (TMI I know) and I cried because I missed my cats. Woke up in the middle of the night one night whistling for the cats. Didnt work. :/ Also one night woke up because I was beating the bed with my fist. Took off my bandages in the middle of the night a few times. Convinced myself in a haze.

Today here was weird. Blue skies one minute, huge ass thunderstorm the next. Loved getting caught in that. Twice. Slept all flipping day. Got up around 6PM and went to eat dinner. Stays *light* here til about 11PM. Its weird, but nice for walking around.

Get to do some work starting tomorrow. We are putting out an upgrade and that always draws messages. Its okay though. Still want to get paid next month, so I have to do some work here.

I am rambling and friggin tired. Hope all of you are doing well. Talk to you all soon :o)

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