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Happy Thanksgiving and stuff.

Hello all. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. Enjoy your turkey (or whatever you have at your feast)!

I know I keep saying that I am coming back and whatever, and then I never do. Life is pure shit right now and I have no idea how to handle things. I feel like things are so bad that my depression medication is basically just a formality. I havent really talked to anyone lately just because I havent been in the mood. The one person I want to talk to, I cant. I just want to fade away and sleep until this shit is all over. I miss you guys but I dont blame you for not responding or whatever. I just wanted you all to know this. Things are just not good, and I am sick and tired of pretending like they are. I'm around sometimes if you want to write. If not, I understand. Just wanted to make sure and wish you all a happy day today. I hope that you all find something special to be thankful for. I'm just done trying right now. Anyways, I slept like shit so I am going to bed. Talk to you all sometime.

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