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Ok.... so tonight Chris and I went to pick up the dogs he is watching, and take them over to his house. We were at the intersection of the off ramp and the street we were turning on, waiting to turn, and the lady behind us thought we had taken off, and plowed into us. Chris needs a new rear bumper, and she hit us hard enough so that now his back door on the driver's side won't close correctly... how fast was she going when she hit us I wonder? Her car had a lot more damage. He and I both went to the hospital to be checked... it took 3 hours for all the xrays and crap. I hurt so bad. I have a walking cast on my ankle b/c it hurt, and they wanted to support it. We were in neck braces while we were there and we got to keep them. Joy. Anyways, My neck, shoulder, and wrist (left side) hurt b/c I had the dog leashes in my hand, and when we got hit, I yanked them with me and that kept them from slamming into the back of the car. My head hurts... *sigh* I need a hug. Badly. They gave me muscle relaxers and vicodin, but I doubt I'll take them... I am, like Chris, going to get that lady's insurance to pay for more chiropractic. My shoulder and back are all screwed up.

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