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So, last night we went to trivia as usual and I had 3 malibu and cokes. It was fun, we ate dinner... there were like 9 of us. After trivia, we walked next door to another bar/restraunt that is open later. There we sat around, drinking and talking, for a few more hours. They have $1.99 Long Islands, so I had two of those. I wasn't going to have any more, but then this girl chased her boyfriend out of the bar (stupid drama) and never returned, and they charged her for her drink, so of course I drank it... it was a vodka/cranberry/club soda double thing... eeek. Luckily, I wasn't drunk (pr driving), I actually barely got a buzz. Stupid alcohol tolerance is back... when I first got on my new meds, one drink made me loopy. Anyways, all was well... Chris dropped me off at home around 2 this morning, I took a shower since I smelled like an ashtray, and I got ready for bed. Then, I took my meds. Yuck... 6 pills on a tummy/blood stream with 6 drink. Talk about nausea. I just went to bed.

All this, of course, preceded me getting my crowns put on. They took the temps off, and ended up having to numb me a lot since underneath was soooooooo tender. I finally got the crowns on, which look great, and am left with pain in my gums, since they are still sore from the shots and stuff. I went to my ankle appt yesterday after my denist appt. The Dr. was very cool... through and whatnot. She wants me to goto 6-8 weeks of Physical Therapy and Theraputic Massage 2-3 times a week. The problem is, the PT places want you to pay as you go... I can't afford to do that, so I was basically SOL. Fortunately, the guy who bowls on Chris's league came up and asked what the hell happened to my ankle (he wasn't there last week), and when I told him an auto accident, he asked if I had a lawyer. I told him no, and he told me to call him later today, he also said the lawyer at the firm would help me get the therapy without having to pay everytime. Yay!

Wow... a meaningful post... shocking. ;)

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