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So... ok, my night tonight. THE CONCERT!!!

I went to Chris's house, and picked him up around 6:45. We had to be there to meet with my cousin at 7:15. With traffic, needless to say, we didn't make it in time. So, after walking up the monsterous hills and whatnot to the concert itself, we ask them to find my cousin. After a bit, we are told to take a bus down to the will call. We go there, get the tickets, and the passes, and go back to the enterance. We go up, get our seats (and some alcohol) and enjoy... we missed the opening act, but got there in time for THIRDEYEBLIND. They were great... I knew some songs, it was fun. Then, set change... and The Goo Goo Dolls came out. They did a great job... Johnny had a scratchy voice 'cause he decided that he should jump into a muddly puddle of water in Alaska. Dork. Anyhow... after the show, Chris and I made it down to the stage, and were going from useless staff member, to useless staff member looking for someone who could help us. Finally, I saw Greg (the guitarist whose picture I will post in a minute) and asked him to help. He asked my name, and I told him. He said he would go tell my cousin. We were then told to go sit with the rest of the ppl with backstage passes. Chris and I sat down. All of a sudden I hear my name being called. Greg was standing there, and told me to climb onto stage. He introduced himself (Dear fucking god is he hot) and told me to follow him to my cousin. We went through the back of the building down to this room. As we enter, the lead singer, Johnny Rzeznik is sitting there, he said hey to me, and gave Chris a high five sorta thing and said "Hey, What's Up Man?" and then we just sat back there with my cousin. How cool was that? I mean... all these people were sitting there drooling over the chance to meet them, and walking by the room we were in, and we got to say hi, and hang out with them. What a night. Chris and I had a good time :D My cousin is one LUCKY man.

The left, Greg the hottie, and the right, Johnny. Yum.

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