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Thanks Crossbow, I lived on Vicadin before, so I knew I would be safe... narcotic induced sleep does suck, but considering I have been average 2.5 hours of sleep a night the last week or so, any sleep will do. ;) Thanks for the hug!

J... thanks hon. I appreciate the hug, and the wanting to see my teeth. :) One of them broke at the root, and I think he gave me the whole piece, so I need to super glue it back together... now that is random dedication! ;)

I still feel horrible... I finally took the gauze out even though I am still bleeding a bit. I was starving so I have some orange jello and some chocolate fudge pudding. I have a feeling I am gonna lose weight on this liquid diet. I am going in next Wednesday b/d there is still one tooth in my mouth that is bothering me, and he wants to see the holes. The doctor amuses me... he gives me crap everytime I am in there. Hee.

My mommy bought my a Friends collector edition thingy by Time (I think). It is huge, and it rocks! I can not wait to be able to read it!

Bunny, my dear wife-in-law, thanks for the pressie! *hug* You rock!

I just want to curl into a little ball and pass out...

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