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I swear I am going to lose it... gonna go stir crazy... and it is only the first day!!!! Chris called and said that he and his cousin are probably going to go get something to eat and watch the basketball game, but he knows I want him to come over... he asked if I wanted to go with them, or if I wouldn't be able to handle it, but I think I could handle just sitting at a restraunt watching a game. I won't be able to eat, which will suck, but I will make him buy me ice cream or something. I told him that I will most likely go with him to bowling tomorrow night. My cheeks really aren't swollen (which is suprising) and I am able to just hang out and watch ppl bowl... I just told him we are *not* going out afterwards... I told him we are coming home. Aren't I forceful? ;)

This is like the most posts ever in day... and I probably am not done yet! Hehe. I am sort of in a daze/sleepy/chatty mood, but it is easier not to actually speak, so typing is sort of helping. I am irritated though, I wish there was more for me to be interested in doing on the internet. I play on here and FF, but that is about it since I don't want to spend money right now.

Anyways, time to nap. :)

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