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I know I have been complaining a lot, but oh my friggin ouch... I am a wuss ok? I wanna cry. This HURTS. Even WITH Vicodin... I am just looking forward to 2 more days and then running out *rolls eyes* I think I am gonna cry. I said that. Ok, end whining... for now. I slept 2 hrs last night, woke up at 3:30 and could not go back to sleep, so I watched The Haunted Mansion. I love Eddie Murphy... there are parts that are still making me laugh. Fortunately after the movie, I went up and ate, came back down, drugged myself, and fell back to sleep. Chris just called, so I decided to hop on here... I have to go up in 30 minutes and rinse with salt water (eek) anyways, but then I am going back to sleep (I hope). The tooth fairy came... she gave me 4 $5 IOUs (the tooth fairy had to cash some checks... hehe) and $5 in quarters for the slots when I go. I love my mommy. :)

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