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Ahhhh! Stress sucks!

So, today... still pain... not terrible, but constant and causing headaches. I think the vicodin just kicked in... my new best friend. ;)

Anyways, so both of my mom's parents are pretty sick... my grandfather just got admitted to the hospital, and my grandmother probably will be today. My mom is flying out as soon as possible (Sunday) and going for like 3 weeks. That is going to SUCK. Things around here suck without her... my father refuses to cook, so meals are a chore (I refuse to cook for him... but whatever, I can take care of me.), etc. My best friend is coming for a majority of the time she is gone, so at least I will have her to run away with when things suck completely.

It is snowing! So pretty... I love it.

So, I am going to take pics of my room like I promised to do a million years ago. Someday in the near future, I promise. Cleared my digital camera's memory and everything... I am ready to go!

Couldn't sleep this morning, so I watched Brother Bear... it was very cute.

Anyhoo... I am actually fading fast, 2 hrs of sleep will do that to ya I guess...

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