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Ok, maybe it is because of the constant pain, but I am going to cry. I went upstairs to see if my little brother had gotten the mail, and because his little friend and girlfriend are over, he was a dick. Then I was talking to my mother, and she asked what food we needed, and my father's snide remark was "3 weeks of food." (He is ticked that she has to go for as long as she is) I looked at what my brother and his friends were eating, and they were eating MY bread... I am the only one who ever eats it, and since he is lazy and can not look for his own bread, he eats mine. I told him his little friends aren't eating all the food while my mother is out of town. I can't handle them if they are going to act like this while my mom is out of town... I am not going to put up with Eric being a jerk, and my father being cranky. I'll just leave and spend all my time elsewhere, or I will lock myself in the basement with my cats and just rarely come up. They don't care that I am tired, and in more pain than I want to be in (duh), and just miserable. I swear, if they touch my jello or pudding, someone is losing a testicle.

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