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Why does my life always sound so much more exciting in my horoscopes?

I am *tired* of all this pain, and worst of all, my best friend is coming to town for 10 days, and I have to pretend I have enough energy to entertain her the entire time. This is gonna be hard!

Today I have to make 24 chili rellenos (sp?) for my dad's work. They are having a Cinco de Mayo celebration tomorrow (hope I spelled that right too...) and he volunteered my mother, who is not here, so I get to do it. Grrrr. I am so not looking forward to that. They aren't all that difficult to make, but they are time consuming, which I hate. I still would like to get at least one more pharm tech workbook done, do my laundry, and clean my car before she comes in tomorrow night, but who knows... Plus, I have to make dinner every night. These people are helpless! I thought I would be helping out with dinner, but not be in charge every night. This sucks, especially since I can't even eat what I make! I think I have bitched about this before, but I could care less... this is pissing me off. Thanks for listening ;)

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