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Why the hell...

am I up so friggin early? Slept like crap again last night... shocker. *insert rolling eyes here*

I called the dentist when they opened this morning, and of course my dentist isn't in until tomorrow. I really want to see the guy who has been working on me all along, so I said ok. She asked if tomorrow at 2:30 would be ok, and I said no, tomorrow morning at 7:30 when you open will be. So she set it up. I really don't give a shit whether he had an appointment there already, he will just have to deal with it. I am in the same amount of pain now as I was when the novacaine wore off last Wednesday. NOT happy. PAIN!!!!!

Anyways, tomorrow is going to be exhausting!! I have the dentist at 7:30, the chiropractor at 9:45, the work comp doctor at 11:30, the massage therapist at 1:30, and physical therapy at 2:30... then I have to take Chris to drop off his car at the shop, come home, and be ready to leave to go to the airport at 6. Tiring huh? Chris made me get wheelchair assistance at the airport b/c he said I would be too damn slow otherwise. Hee. At least we will get places quicker. *shrug* I am going to have to see if they can change our seats to the bulkhead (very front of the general seating) so I can have more room for this big boot. I am going to also see if they will take pity and give me free first class seating... plenty of room up there!

The cats are trying to kill each other... fun.

Anyhoo... I am going to attempt to read some Flist postings, and read more FF that was posted since last night... then I am going to try to nap before my hair appointment at 10:45... getting a trim and highlights.... yay!!!!!! Then, after getting my hair done, I am going to go up to the assisted living home and put together an end table for my grandparent's place... it is sooooo nice. I may just have to take a nap in that recliner we got. *big grin*

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