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I love it. So, when I moved here, the moving company broke this huge picture I had. I think it was like $300, but I can not remember. Anyways, I kept calling to see when the picture would get sent to me, and it never arrived. So, after 2 years of getting the run around from these people, I finally worked my way up through people to talk to, and found out that they had no idea what happened to it. I filed a paper saying that I wanted to get reimbursed (I also filed one for something else like a month after the move, and had put the picture on there with a *do not pay* since at that time they claimed that they still would send it to me.) and sent it in to the claims dept. After a month or so, I got a letter back saying that it was way too long after the move, and that they were sorry that they could not reimburse me for the picture. I sent another letter back, saying that they would be giving me money since I filed that one claim right after the move, and even though that was not part of the pay off, it was still on the claim. So, it has been like one and a half months or something, and I finally get a letter back saying that they apologized for the loss of the picture, and that they would send a check for $270 because of... I don't remember. Yay! Finally! I wish I had the picture, but $270 is a hell of a lot better than the $0 they tried to give me. Take that corporate butt monkeys!

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