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Ok, so yesterday was sooooo friggin busy.

Saturday... in detail:

Chris and I went over to his cousin's house to babysit her twins. I think they are a year or so old... maybe a bit more. *shrug* Anyways, we had to deal with one crying b/c his mom left while the other was still upstairs sleeping. We finally got him to stop bawling, and it was time to try to get him to sleep. We took him upstairs, and of course, he woke his brother. So now the other one was screaming a tantrum while the first was sitting next to him sucking his thumb. The first finally nodded off on the couch while the other was still screaming. Chris tried everything to make him stop, so finally he just took him upstairs and put him back in his crib. He finally just fell asleep. But, of course, the first was awake from the constant noise, so we sat outside for a while. It was cute, he babbled, and I just sat there. I finally took him back inside and read him a story, but Chris needed to make him take nap (their mom called). He began crying, but thankfully he finally gave up and they were both sleeping. They slept until their mom came home. (yay!)

From there, we went to our seperate houses for about an hour, then we left to drop in at our friend's who was having a party. We obviously were gonna miss it, but we said we would call at the end of the night, and if it was still going, then we would come back.

We drove to Boulder (about an hour) from the party. We got awesome seats at Puppetry of the Penis! 3rd row from the stage, on the aisle. It was freaking hilarious. If it comes near you, see it! I know it is only hitting to U.S. cities on this run though. I was laughing so freaking hard. The things that they can make! Talented (and cute!) guys we have here. So yeah, the show opened with a "fluffer" (comedian lady that was funny as hell). All in all, the whole thing lasted like an hour and forty-five minutes.

So, we hopped in the car, and drove less than a mile away to the concert. It was pretty perfect timing. We got there at 8:45, fifteen minutes before the opening act started. I couldn't stand with everyone on the floor (obviously) so they let me sit right behind the sound stage on a stool. It was awesome, there was a balcony to lean on and everything. So yeah, there was a new opening act for the show, and they actually began last night, and will now tour with them. The guy's name is Marc Broussard. He was pretty good too. I liked him, and am going to buy his CDs. All the guys in the band (including him) were young... very cool. So, they were on from 9 - 9:30. Then there was 30 mins. to change the stage. Toby Lightman was second, and she was ok. I didn't think she was amazing or anything, and I think she should have had the 30 min show, and Marc should have gotten the 50 min show, but whatever. She did have one song that I knew, but I can not remember what it was right now. So she played from 10 - 10:50. There was 20 min then to get the stage ready. At 11:10, Gavin DeGraw came out. What a cutie. I wish I had been closer to the stage!!! He was funny, he kept sticking his tongue out and making faces. He was wearing an actual hat too, not just a skull cap. I really enjoyed seeing him play. (shoutout to Lauren! *big grin*) He went from 11:10 - 12:40. He stuck around afterwards to sign stuff and meet people, but we were freaking tired, and were going to attempt to get to the party if it was still going. We called once we hit the highway, and the party had ended, which was ok b/c we weren't going to be near home until 1:45 and I was soooo sleepy.

Yesterday was fun!

Today, we are going, with the guy that had the party, up to that Italian buffet I love. Yay!

If only the pain would run away. ;)

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