Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
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The result...

So, shocker... I need surgery on my ankle. It turns out that two ligaments in my ankle are REALLY stretched, therefore my ankle is moving too much, and the cartiledge is rubbing against itself. Ouch. Anyways, so he is going to go into the ankle and make the ligaments tight again... then I will be in a splint for 2 days and then a walking cast for 6 weeks, then I need 3 weeks of PT, and all should be well again. I hope it all works the way it should... he has a pretty good track record with that procedure. I have to wait for my auto insurance to approve the surgery, and then I get to schedule a date... no idea how far out, but we'll see I suppose...

I am sad... Switchfoot is going to be here, and I already have to go somewhere else. So sad.
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