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Talking to myself is thereputic... or is it?

So... Thurs night I am at work. First off, I get there, and another manager yells at me for not doing my job. This would not have pissed me off so much if 1) the general manager and I had not already talked, 2) I hadn't have been sick that day and had given a flying shit, and 3) if she actually did her job... ever.

So I work with that on my mind... things were ok, with the exception of Chris being an ass saying that I should be working instead of talking to him. Well excuse me.

I then get a call later in the evening from my opening manager at Blockbuster. She has decided to go out of town the next week, stranding me without any morning help. So I get all upset about that, and decided fuck it, I am calling Chris, I need to talk to someone.

He called back... me crying and him unemotional. He definately does not sugar coat ANYTHING with me... I felt better, however, just talking about what was upsetting me. Then, he goes to bed.

I called him the next morning on the way to work to say hi... all was good there... but I called him after work, and he was on his way out with people from work... no biggie, but I wanted to hang out with him since we were not going out tonight (Sat). He went out after that with his cousin and his friend Chris to the strip club, then decided not to call me back last night.

I called him this morning, and he was pretty uninterested in talking to me. He was at a work, and told me he would talk to me later. After work, I talked to him and he was looking for a costume for the Halloween party tonight. It was ok that he did not ask me just that he felt the need to tell me all about it with out actually asking me... I am glad he told me what was up, and what he was doing... but damn.

I asked if this was an all night kind of party, and he said yeah... so now, I can not see him tonight either. So I do not get to hang out with him all weekend. Which is ok, I mean, he can have his own life, but I just wanted to hang out with him.

Whatever, life sucks... I am tired of everything... I just want to like myself and have fun. I want a boyfriend, but no one asks me out. Men suck. I am glad to have Chris as my bestfriend... unless he is making me feel like shit.



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