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Da 4th...

So, I met up with Chris at his house, and we went to the house he is watching. The dogs came in and ate, and got some much needed love before we left (the cat too). We went to the house on the corner, because Chris knows them as well and they invited him over. It was very cool, got to try Mike's Hard Lime, which was good, and ate a nice meal. (Cheeseburger and sides). Then we left that house (with an invite to BBQ at one of the neighbors next weekend) and went to one of our friend's houses. What a stupid party... everyone was sitting around playing cards and joking around, but our friend's wife didn't want him to have to grill anything, so they had only appetizers. Why have a party if you are going to be so lame? I am glad we ate at the other party. Anyways, we just sat around until the fireworks were supposed to start, and we went and sat on the driveway of their house. Supposedly we would be able to see the show... whatever. We saw half the show, and the other half was partially obstructed. I'm not bitter, can't you tell? Anyways, we left shortly after that and went to go let the dogs in. Then we watched tv for a while and then I came home. Pretty uneventful, I guess, and next year we are going to a REAL fireworks show!

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