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Fucking idiots...

Ok, so last night Chris called me... he asked if I knew that I had a write up at work.

Uh, no.

HE tells me that Jesse, the food and beverage manager, that I thought was a friend, had written me up because I had forgotten to sign a check off sheet last Thurs night. Whatever.

I called Aaron today, and told him this was bullshit. I told him that if he had a problem with me, he better tell me, and if not, she could fuck off. I also told him that if the write up was valid, then he could have my keys, and that I quit.

He told me that I could throw the write up away, and that if there was an issue, she would have to tell me what it was... but that the write up was not valid, so I didn't have to quit. Ok...

So I go in today to find the write up. Of course, it is no where to be found. Wouldn't it just be easier to hide the write up since we do not work together, then say that I refused to sign it? But, being the determined bitch that I am... I found it tucked away in a drawer that was locked. If Chris hadn't told me, then I wouldn't have known.

Bitch. Honestly. She has been this random power trip lately. What the fuck? She needs to get laid or something.

I told the write up, put it in my car, and stepped all over it. Fuck her. Let her tell me what to do. I will quit that place SO quickly, their heads will spin.

I want to find a new part time job.

ARRRGHHHH. Hopefully Chris is not upset that I said something, but it had to be done... I will tell him about it tonight.

Anyhow... rant be done.


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