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The concert tonight...

So, tonight was the concert. We got there, and finally made our way to park at the handicapped parking... then we took the shuttle up to the gate. From there, we walked to our seats. FRONT ROW CENTER! Seriously... I am kicking myself for not having my camera. It was awesome. DJ Logic was the first to perform... it must be cool to just stand up there and do what you love... we were all singing to the songs he was spinning. Second, was Maroon 5. I want to marry them all and have their babies. They were sooooo wonderful. I loved every minute of them performing. They are adorable. Then, the lead singer says to the audience "I've never done this type of thing before, but here goes... If you are seated in Row 39 Seats 11&12 (or whatever it was), Nicole and Matt (I think)... Nicole, I have a question to ask you, and that question is: Nicole, will you marry me?" How fucking romantic is that???? Having the lead singer ask that in front of an entire audience... then they dedicated and sang "She Will Be Loved" *such a friggin romantic* Anyways, so they sang... and I guess that "Sunday Morning" is their next single. Good song. After they were done, the guy cleaning off the stage threw the rest of the lead singer's guitar pics into the front, and Chris got me one!!! Yay! I'll post a pic soon! Anyhow, John Mayer was awesome. He did a great job! I guess they were filming for tv because some chick off to the side was doing lead ins (we could see, but not hear her) and they were filming the crowd. Cool! He played for a good long time... some chick kept getting in trouble b/c she was crossing the line that they said we had to stay behind, and I swear she was on crack. She was dancing and pretending to play guitar, and I think John was scared. Hehe. Another guy snuck down to the first row (we all had special arm bands to show we could be down there) and was jumping around like an idiot. He was told to go back to his seat (after almost landing in my lap) and he did for a little while... then his dumb ass came back down, and got thrown out. Idiot. Anyhoo... so they left the stage, and then John came back out and just played by himself, which was awesome. Then he said "Last time I was in Denver, we were cut 20 minutes short, so I called the Mayor, and said 'From one Mayer to another, can I have some extra time?'" What a goober. Then he said "Not really, but it makes me sound kinda like a hero, doesn't it?" All in all, a very cool evening! I got nauseous on the way home and had a headache, but hey... it's worth it right? :)

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